eCalcu PRO

eCalcu PRO
eCalcu PRO

eCalcu PRO is a Great calculator to use on your iPad/iPhone
It is an Efficient, Real and BIG calculator.

  • Fantastic design for HD displays
  • Ideal for students and everyday calculations
  • Calculating it is just like writing on a piece of paper with a pencil (handwriting)
  • Print your calculations on your printer (AirPrint)
  • Use many tabs of calculations
  • Use Bluetooth or external keyboards
  • History automatically saved
  • Copy / Paste results
  • Split View (work on two apps simultaneously)
  • Share your calculations with many other apps

With eCalcu PRO you can calculate:

  • Sums
  • Remains
  • Multiple
  • Division
  • Percentage
  • Square Roots
  • Power
  • Change of sign


Install it now and you'll never need glasses for your calculations :)