Dec 21 2016

We have released version 1.1 of our eBarom app. This update provides rain prediction in real time based on the pressure measurement.

Check it out at  eBarom iTunes


Metab Language

Oct 04 2016

Programming, in general, is a long process that requires discipline and time. Amefy created Metab Language to help developers to keep their code as simple as possible. With Metab you write minimum code and do the maximum work possible and that saves time on your projects.

Check it out at Simplifying your code


Ludo Parchis 3D

Apr 09 2016

Remember how long time ago board games like Ludo were the best dice games? Amefy created Ludo Parchis 3D for you, to enjoy it with your family and friends. If you like Parchis (Parchisi or Parcheesi), this is a super realistic 3D board game. It feels like you are playing on a real board, even dice rolling makes the entire game more delightful and realistic. 

Just order a pizza, invite over one to three friends and have a great time playing our Ludo Parchis 3D.

Find it at


Amefy Video plugin

Apr 02 2016

Because we know and understand the work and the time developers dedicate to solve their "programming puzzles", Amefy introduces a piece of one of its puzzle.

Amefy Video is the ideal plugin to play videos in your games. Compatible with formats of the final device(mp4,mov,m4v,3gp,...), can open local files and from URL. Compatible with IOS, TvOS for AppleTV and WebGL.

Find it at!/content/56610




RGB Color Converter

Feb 27 2016

eCaclu PRO

Feb 24 2016

Amefy introduces eCalcu PROthe easiest calculator to use on your iPad/iPhone/iPod. You will feel like you use a REAL and BIG calculator. A fantastic design for retina displays, ideal for students and everyday calculations. You won´t need a pencil and a paper anymore. 

New App launched today!

Nov 10 2014

Long time ago before technology was developed to predict the weather, people relied on observation and folklore to avoid being caught off-guard by rain. Today Amefy introduces -eBarom- a new app that can help you to find out if it will rain, measures the pressure and changes in altitude.


Welcome to AMEFY┬┤s blog!

Jun 06 2013

We are happy to announce that AMEFY brand born today. As Vincent Van Gough said ¨Great things are not done by impulse but by a series of small things brought together¨ this is how we put in our ideas.

Enjoy all the good things that are about to come.